Best Spin Bikes | Guide and Review

Which are the best spin bikes? How often do you ask or search on this terminology? The most likely answer is many, and because of not having the right information you are yet to get yourself the right product.

You possibly got interested in spin bikes after hearing about them, or maybe after being advised by somebody else. And like any other person looking for the right workout equipment, you know that a spin bike is among the best indoors exercise equipment for you. However, you don’t know the difference between a spin and an exercise bike? Or what to look for in a spin bike.

What Is A Spin Bike? 

A spin bike is at times referred to as a spinning bike. It looks quite similar to an exercise bike but the two are quite different. Both the spin and exercise bike are indoor working equipment that aim at mimicking the action of a real bike.

However, they are non-mobile and remain fixed at the same spot. A spin bike features a similar frame to that of a normal bike and has a handlebar, a pedal, and seat (saddle). But, it has a large wheel also known as the flywheel. The whole setup is held in place by a solid frame that features some wheels to assist in moving it.

Why Is It Called Spin Bike?

Many people looking for the best spin bikes get confused on the term spinning. Many don’t know why the term is applied or what it means. Basically, a spin bike is an indoor exercise bike that relies on a heavy or weighted flywheel to create motion and resistance.

The flywheel which is usually located at the back of the cycle is linked to the pedal via a chain mechanism. When a user pedals the bike, the flywheel starts spinning hence the term spin bike. Other exercise bikes create the cycling experience using different mechanism.

How Does It Work?

Spin or spinning bikes are designed to bring the outdoor cycling experience indoors. This is achieved by creating a bike that shares similar features to an ordinary bike. The only difference is that it is placed on a stationery platform.

The spinning bikes feature handlebars, a pedal, a saddle, as well as gear-changing dials. A cyclist operates the pedal which activates the weighted flywheel. And to mimic what happens outdoors when going through different terrains, the bike comes with varying resistance as well as preset workout programs. Higher resistance is more challenging and requires greater effort.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Spin Bike?

Truth that can’t be denied is that spin bikes are without-a-doubt among the top indoor workout equipment. Many people prefer the spinning bikes due to the following reasons:


The bike is designed for different kind of users whether experienced or inexperienced. A beginner can select the lowest resistance while a seasoned rider will opt for higher resistance.


The bike is quite effective for a variety of exercises. These include cardio exercises, leg and core muscles, physical therapy, interval training, endurance training and much more.


Incorporating a monitor/LCD display and programmed terrains enables a user monitor the performance as well as set targets. The display indicates speed, resistance, calories burnt, heart pulse, and more.

-Realistic Experience:

The bike apes a real bike and also works in a similar manner. The handlebar, seat, braking system and chain mechanism bring out a similar experience to that of riding in the outdoors.


Spinning is one of the best ways to burn calories. A 45 minutes workout can burn as many as 500 calories.

-Helps Tone Muscles:

A spin bike is revered for toning different types of muscles. All you need is adjusting the handlebars, seat position, and varying the intensity.


Working out using a spin bike has low impact on areas such as ankles, knees, and other joints. This improves effectiveness and is suitable for people who suffer from joint ailments such as arthritis.


Since spinning is a low impact exercise and the bike can be adjusted for best performance, cases of injuries, too much fatigue, and muscle burnout are minimal.

-Track Your Progress:

Modern spinning bikes feature an onboard computer plus LCD display that tracks your performance. By monitoring your heart rate, speed, distance covered, and other factors, you are less-likely to overwork or under work your body.

 Top Ten Best Spin Bikes  

01. Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike 

best spin bikes

Price : $$$
Measuring 48.5″ (121.9 cm) long, 46.5 inches (118.1 cm) high, and 20 inches (50.8 cm) wide, the sunny health and fitness pro indoor cycling bike is a top choice in market. The steel bike weighs 48.98kg (108 lbs) and is suitable for beginners and professionals who weigh no more than 124.7kg (275 lbs).

To make working-out easy and less of a hassle, the bike only comes with minimal features. Resistance is provided through a 40pound flywheel which is linked to the pedals via a chain system. The not-so light or not-too heavy flywheel delivers good resistance suitable for variety of users. For the extra strength, stability, and impact resistance, the workout bike is made from sturdy stainless steel.

The Sunny SF-B901 indoor cycling bike has a horizontal adjustable handlebar that can easily be moved forward or backwards. This allows users of varied heights and size to use the bike.And for a better feel, the bike seats are also adjustable and are covered with quality padding for extra comfort.

The simple design shortens the time needed to assemble the bike and improves the turnaround when getting on and off the bike. The sunny health and fitness pro indoor cycling bike is known for smoothness and reliability thanks to the heavy-duty crank and chain drive mechanism.

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  Key Features at a Glance 

  • 40-pound flywheel
  • Heavy duty crank
  • Smooth chain drive mechanism
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Adjustable resistance system
  • Supports up to 275 lbs
  • Transport wheel


02. Marcy Upright Mag Bike

Price: $$

Also known as Mag Cycle ME-708, the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle is meant for individuals who are looking for an affordable indoor exercise bike. It is a mid-size bike that is useful for beginners, intermediates, and also seasoned users. The bike’s upright design and functionality is similar to the normal bike that is used outdoors. This concept is aimed at bringing the same effect to that experienced while cycling in the outdoors. And just like in normal cycling, a user is able to burn excess calories, improve the heart and its functions, tone different muscles, and also enhance stamina.

The Marcy Mag Cycle ME-708 is made from strong 2 x 2 inch steel tubing and measures 31.5(W) x 48.75(H) x 18 inches (D). With a weight of 43 pounds, the indoor exercise bike is one of the lightest and most compact in its category.

It features 8 preset levels of resistance that allow a user select the preferred mode. This may be riding up the mountain, downhill, on rough terrains and more. And to better the performance, the Mag cycle also incorporates the highly-innovative magnetic resistance system.

This improves the bike’s flexibility, quietness, accuracy as well as smoothness. For improved durability and protection against the elements, the cycle’s frame is powder coated.

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  Key Features at a Glance 

  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 8 levels of preset resistance
  • Large console display
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Compact and Lightweight


03. Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike 

Price: $$

If you are scouting for a spin bike that delivers topnotch performance yet requires minimum space, you should think of the NS-652 Marcy Foldable Bike. Made from ground-breaking 14-gauge steel frame, the bike can easily be folded into smaller size for easy storage as well as transportation.

Other benefits that should inspire you to acquire the Marcy foldable workout bike include: 
-Versatile and adjustable seat: This bike features a seat that can easily be adjusted to suit your height as well as improve comfort. All you need is pushing it either upwards or downwards. You will also appreciate the heavily padded seat that guarantees you of utmost comfort.
-Complete Control and Improved Stability: Unlike many other bikes, you don’t have to fear your feet slipping or losing grip while cycling. Courtesy of the gripped pedals as well as basket cage, the Marcy foldable bike ensures your feet remain intact no matter the intensity.
-Adjustable Resistance: The spin bike allows you to easily adjust the resistance to suit your mood as well as desired terrain. All you need is simply adjusting the knob to your liking.
– Large LCD monitor: Tracking your performance and setting targets is as easy as glancing at the large and easy-to-read monitor at the centre of the handlebars.

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 Key Features at a Glance 

  • Manual adjustment continuous resistance
  • High density foam padded seat and height adjustment for different body types
  • Easy to read computer screen displays speed, distance, time and calories burned
  • Innovative frame design folds up for easy storage
  • Counter weighted pedals with adjustable foot straps


04.  Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Price: $$$

Just because you have limited space in your home doesn’t mean you can’t own a good upright exercise bike. What you need is the Exerpeutic Folding Upright Spin Bike with Pulse which is ideally suited for small spaces.

The solid steel bike is 31 inches long, 19 inches wide, 46 inches high and weighs 42.8 pounds. In addition to being able to support users weighing not more than 300 lbs,  the magnetic upright bike comes with the following benefits:
-Comfortable Seating: The bike features a large and cushioned seat that can accommodate different weights and sizes. It can be adjusted to suit people with heights ranging from 5’3 inches up to 6’1 inches. As a user you are also less-likely to experience stiffness, numbness or aches since the seat is heavily-padded.
-Good Tension Resistance: Finding the desired tension for the intended workout is easy and straightforward. All you do is adjust the tension knob to select any of the 8 magnetic tension levels. The more the tension the more challenging the workout is.
-High Torque performance: If you love taking your workouts a notch higher, you will love the 3 piece crank mechanism. The innovative system provides a wider range of torque compared to other similar bikes and improves performance and flexibility.

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 Key Features at a Glance  

  • Light weight and easy to use
  • weight capacity up to 300 lbs
  • adjustable seat
  • Fold able for storage in any place
  • Can move with transportation wheels.
  • Magnetic tension control system
  • Large LCD display
  • Hand pulse monitor

05. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike 

Price: $$$

When looking for an exercise bike, you are after quality, reliability, versatility, and more. This is more reason why you should go for sunny SF-B1110 Indoor Bike otherwise known as SF-B1110 Premiere.

The bike which measures 47.5” (121 cm) high, 20.5” (53 cm) wide, and 46.5″ (118 cm) long is rated as among the best bikes in the market. Weighing 106 lbs (48 kg), the bike is suitable for varied exercises which include cardio, muscle toning, and fat burning and can be used by individuals weighing up to 265 lbs (120 kg).

Some of the advantages of the bike include:

-heavy-duty steel frame and crank: Whichever your workout or frequency of training, you are guaranteed of longevity thanks to the durable crank as well as heavy-duty steel frame. You don’t have to keep worrying about the bike breaking down.
-sensitive manual resistance: To create resistance, the bike relies on manual brake resistance together with a manual knob. Though simple and basic, the mechanism is quite sensitive and will respond even at the slightest touch.
– Realistic Cycling Experience: You will appreciate the practical cycling experience thanks to the 44 lb (20 kg) flywheel. It’s higher than average weight delivers more road-like momentum consequently making you feel as if you are on a real outdoor bike.

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  Key Features at a Glance 

  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Heavy duty crank and steel frame
  • 44 lbs flywheel
  • Chain drive mechanism
  • Transport wheel
  • Weight capacity up to 250 lbs

06.  Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike 

Price: $$$

If reliability and affordability is what you are after, then you should consider investing in Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1001 Indoor exercise bike. Measuring 46″(Length), 20″ (wide), and 43” (height), the bike is well suited for low-impact workouts. Moving the bike around is also much easier than similar bikes thanks to its 83.8 pound weight.

Other benefits that make this bike a top choice include:
-Adjustable seat and handlebars: Finding the right and most comfortable position is much easier thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars. All you do is pushing the handles forwards or backwards and the seat upwards or downwards.
-Smooth and Quiet: You don’t need to worry about disturbing the peace or tolerating too much noise. The Sunny Health and Fitness bike comes with a 30 pound flywheel plus innovative chain drive system that is not only smooth but also quite silent.
– Effective and Durable: The exercise bike features quality design and performance that assure you of topnotch performance. What’s’ more, you are assured of enjoying long-lasting service from the bike thanks to the strong crank and steel frame.
-Ergonomic and Aesthetic Design: You need not to worry about excessive joint pains or fatigue as the bike is ergonomically designed. The bike is also quite elegant and will not degrade the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding.

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  Key Features at a Glance 

  • Adjustable seat, handlebar and resistance
  • Smooth chain drive mechanism
  • Heavy duty crank and steel frame
  • 30-pound flywheel
  • Weight capacity 220 lbs
  • Built in transport wheels

07.  Schwinn IC2

Price: $$$

Looking for a unique indoor cycling experience, why not hop onto the Schwinn IC2 Indoor cycle trainer. The 83 pound steel bike is designed to offer real-life or outdoor cycling experience for people weighing up to 250 lbs. This is made possible courtesy of its dimensions (23″(W), 49″(H), and 45″(L)) and a 31 pound flywheel.

Other reasons that make this indoor cycle a good option include:
-Smooth resistance adjustments: In order to allow smooth transition from one level or resistance to another, the IC2 spin bike comes with the innovative system that adjusts the resistance in continuous increments.
-Multi-potion handlebars: Forget the rigid or slightly adjustable handlebars. The IC2 comes with BioFit Multi position handlebars that not only offer a range of adjustments but are also quite comfortable.
-Sturdy and non-corrosive frame: If you fear your bike rusting or getting corroded, you should think of the Schwinn IC2 indoor bike. It features large and corrosion-resistant tubing that can withstand the elements, moisture, oils, and more.
-Compact and Portable design: You will find moving and storing the workout bike very user-friendly. It’s compact and also features transportation wheels.
-Chain drive system: If you desire a silent bike, you will find the Schwinn IC2 the best choice. Its chain drive mechanism produces minimal sound yet offers seamless operation.

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 Key Features at a Glance  

  • Infinite resistance levels
  • 31 pound flywheel
  • Multi position handlebar
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Transport wheels
  • Chain drive system


08. Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle


Price: $$$$

Although classified as a professional bike, the Keiser M3 can also be used by beginners. The bike is constructed using strong aluminum that is also resistant against rusting or corrosion.

It’s Professionally built, sleek and is ideal for different exercises which include intensity training, cardiovascular workouts, weight loss, and endurance. Measuring 49 inces in length, 26 inches in width, 45 inches in height, and weighing 85 pounds, the bike is sturdily built to support individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. The use of firm foam on the extra wide seats ensures the user is properly supported and comfortable in any type of workout.

The Keiser M3 hosts a large and easy-to-read digital LCD screen that alerts you on your speed, distance, heart rate, resistance, and more. To ensure the transition from one resistance to another is smooth, the indoor bike comes with 24-gear Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance which is also quite silent.

It is rated as one of the smoothest and most silent spinning bikes in the market. The braking mechanism is equally smooth and silent thanks to the revolutionary magnetic braking system of braking. Assembling the bike is simple and straightforward and doesn’t require great skills or special tools.

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  Key Features at a Glance  

  • High quality aluminum block
  • Moderately firm foam-padded saddle
  • Easy to read LCD Screen
  • Smooth 24-gear magnetic resistance
  • Simple, streamlined and solid design


09.  Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle 

Price: $$$

The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic is manufactured from tough steel and comes with good designing for top performance. The 126-pound bike is most suitable for people who are looking for a high-resistance bike. Inexperienced users may find the lowest resistance quite challenging since it’s designed mainly for professionals. Measuring 46 inches (H), 42 inches (L), and 23 inches (W), the bike can fit in most spaces including small apartments, studios, or garage.

It delivers the resistance courtesy of an electronically-controlled 32-pound flywheel. Its heavy weight of 126 pounds is attributed to the heavy-duty steel frame which offers good stability and can support individuals with weight not exceeding 300 pounds.

In contrast to many spin bikes in its range, the Diamondback Fitness 5101c comes with
14 preset workout routines. You can select the type of terrain or effect you want by simply pressing a switch on the monitor.

Going up the mountain, riding through the uncut terrains, or the biking on smoother hills are some of the available options. The full-featured LCD display also indicates your speed, distance, pulse, and calories burnt, and also allow you to set targets.

It also features 16 levels of magnetic resistance that can be varied after connecting the bike to a 120-volt power source. The fully adjustable seat and handlebars enable a user to choose the most comfortable and effective position.

>>>Click Here To Read Full Specifications, Customer Reviews & Rating<<<

  Key Features at a Glance  

  • Heavy duty and strong frame for good support
  • 14 preset workouts
  • Full featured LCD screen
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • Fully adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Built in pulse sensors for real time readings

10.  Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike 

Price: $$$

Classified as entry-level exercise equipment, the Schwinn A20 Recumbent bike is ideal for both inexperienced as well as experienced users. It’s a recumbent bike meaning the frame as well as seat (saddle) is low- lying. The design greatly improves stability, comfort, and also flexibility.

The no-frills bike comes with strong and solid frame and is amongst the most affordable workout bikes in its class. Though it doesn’t have very many techy or high-end features, the bike is well-suited for variety of exercises.  These include training the core muscles, toning the body, burning calories, boosting a healthy heart, and more.

The bike’s strong and neat frame can comfortably support heavy weights and also withstand frequent use and movement. Courtesy of the well-lit and large display, a user is able to focus and keep track on the performance. The 5” X 3” LCD screen indicates the calories burnt, distance covered, rotation per minute (RPM), pulse rate, resistance level, speed, as well as course profile.

To have a realistic feel, the Schwinn A20 features six built-in programs. You can select riding through the mountains, park ride, rolling through the hills and more. The speaker system allows you to listen to music while exercising, and you can also adjust the extra wide and padded seat for the best comfort.

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  Key Features at a Glance  

  • Large LCD display
  • 6 built in exercise programs
  • Speaker system to keep you entertained
  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • Easy to move
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance


Why Is It Popular Nowadays? 

You most-likely have noticed that spinning bikes are becoming quite popular nowadays. This is evident from the many searches on the best spin bikes, rising reviews, as well as increasing spinning classes. This type of exercise bikes is preferred by many because of its versatility.

Due to the adjustable handlebars and seat, the bike is suitable for different types of users. Modern bikes are coming with preset workout programs that imitate the real outdoor experience. A user is able to choose the terrain to suit his preference, and to make the workout exciting, the workout bikes come with a wide range of resistance as well as a performance monitor.

What Is The Difference Between Spin Bike And Exercise Bike?

Like many other potential buyers, you probably are wondering if a spin bike is the same as exercise bike or the two are different. Truth is a spinning bike is an exercise bike but an exercise bike is not a spin bike. Both bikes mimic the action of cycling and are placed on a stationery frame.

However, a spinning bike comes with some extra features to make the indoor cycling experience more exciting. The bike comes with adjustable handlebars and seat to accommodate different kinds of users. Also, it features a more ergonomic design as well more safety features such as foot straps.

What Should You Know Before Using A Spinning Bike?

Before hopping onto the spin cycle you need to understand that it takes time to get used to the bike. You may initially experience some discomfort from seating on the saddle; however, the discomfort eventually goes away.

Finding the right adjustment for the handlebars as well as seat is a matter of trial and error. Be patient and keep trying till you nail it. Though not necessary, you should consider investing in a good pair of spinning shoes. At first, you will find the task challenging; nevertheless, you’ll soon get used to the routine.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Spin Bike?

A spinning bike is quite effective in helping you lose the extra calories or fat, improve your cardio health, as well as improve your versatility. Nonetheless, all bikes aren’t manufactured the same way. Some are quite good while others are not-so-good.

To get the best product you need to understand your needs, go for a reputable brand, and compare different types in the market. You also should pay attention to the extra features, have a budget, and focus on where it will be used. Knowing such issues beforehand helps identify the right bike and lower the cost of purchase as well as maintenance.


Do not just settle for any bike that claims to be the best. You should not put your health and body at risk because of using a low-quality or substandard product. Also, don’t buy a spinning bike before understanding what it is or how it works.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend any more time or effort learning and understanding spinning bikes. Simply talk to us and get all the relevant information about the various bikes. We spend lots of time researching and reviewing the best products in the market so as to help you find the best bike in the market. Talk to us and discover what owning the best spin bikes all is about.

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