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Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Spinning might be one of the best, most vigorous exercises for any fitness enthusiast. The classes at the gym are great, often times taking place in dark rooms and scored to music designed to get your heart racing! That being said, second only to treadmills, upright bicycles are a favorite piece of fitness equipment for the home. For fans of spinning, having a bike at home is a great way to get a good workout with no travel required. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B 1110 Indoor Cycling Bike is a very cost-effective model that is consistently receiving excellent reviews from those that enjoy this feature-rich convenient alternative to gym-based spinning classes.

Lets take a look some cool features of Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike

01.  Seat

SeatWhether you are short or tall, most all of us require adjustable seats on spinning bikes. In addition, home fitness equipment is often times used by several members of the family. For this reason, having a model that has an easily adjustable seat is an important feature.

The seat on this model is fully-adjustable. The seat is also ergonomically designed to keep strains and soreness to a minimum. That being said, anyone who has taken a spinning class know the seats can be uncomfortable, so having a seat pad will likely help anyone using this cycle to ease into spinning.


02.  Handlebars

HandleDuring a spinning class, raising up off of the seat is a regular part of the class. For this reason, Sunny designed this model with adjustable handlebars helping riders get the best, most comfortable ride possible. The handlebars also provide sufficient support during standing portions of the ride.


03.  Drive System

ChaindriveThis model comes with a chain drive system. This makes for a smooth ride that is also free from slips, which can happen with this bike’s belt-drive counterparts. The chain system is a bit noisier, however, but as spinning is normally coupled with ambitious music, most riders will likely not notice.


04. Flywheel

FlywheelThe flywheel is an impressive 44 pounds, which is actually one of the heaviest in the industry. The weight of the flywheel is important as it is directly connected to the variable resistance that is fundamental to spinning.

During standing portions of a spin, having adequate resistance is important to avoid injury. Models with lighter flywheels will also have less, and lighter, resistance options.


05.  Transport Wheels

wheelSpinning bicycles were originally designed for gym use, and with most gyms having one dedicated room for group activities, these bikes were built with transport wheels so as to be easily moved off of the main floor.

Transport wheels come in handy on home models for ease of movement, and also making it easy to transport should you move to a new home.


06.  Resistance

resistanceThe hallmark of spinning is being able to increase resistance, making your ride even more challenging. This model has been designed with variable resistance affording home-users a gym-like experience. The resistance is also sensitive with the slightest turn providing a noticeable difference in tension.


07.  Easy Assembly

61sJ3QybIzL._SL256_There are just 4 steps to putting this model together, and it comes with all materials required to complete each step in small plastic bags that are numbered accordingly. Most people report being able to put this together in less than 30 minutes.

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  • Moderately priced.
  • Heavy-duty flywheel.
  • Solid steel frame.
  • The seat could have more padding.
  • Holders for both a water bottle as well as an IPod.


A common question from those considering buying this model was in regards to whether the seat and handlebars move both up-and-down as well as back-and-forth? In fact, they do.

Another question that came up a few times was if this machine doubled as a stepping machine, or as an elliptical. The reason for this might be having seen a spinning class at the gym, in which riders appear to be in a “stairmaster” position when doing standing segments. This model, however, is only an indoor cycle, and it does not have elliptical or stepping features.

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Final Analysis

The price point is excellent, and the quality is equally as good.

This indoor cycle provides a number of excellent features, including that hefty flywheel, that are normally elusive a this price point. Spinning is all about handlebars and resistance, and Sunny Health did not disappoint on either one of those features.

This is a good, solid spinning bike that will allow users to maintain a commitment to physical fitness while never having to leave their home.




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