Schwinn IC2 Review

The Schwinn IC2 is a small, portable stationary bike aimed at those who want a basic, functional bike that will never let them down. Its size and lightweight design make it suitable in any living situation, no matter the available space. Marketed as being of great value (which it is, but we’ll get to that in a moment) while offering trainees all of the tools they need to succeed, this bike is great for beginner and advanced home athletes alike.

Those who settle on the Schwinn IC2 won’t have to worry about replacing it for years to come due to its usefulness at all athletic levels as well as its durable design. While it proves to be a great money saver, those with a bigger workout equipment budget may still want to take a look at everything it has to offer; you won’t be disappointed.

Without further ado, here is an honest review of the The Schwinn IC2. Lets Take a look some cool features:

01. It Takes Up a Small Amount of Space

spaceThe manufacturer says it themselves; the Schwinn IC2 is made specifically for at-home use. It’s not meant for a giant gym room, it’s meant to be tucked into the corner of a home office. No matter where you tuck it away, you’ll have no problem storing or using it due to spacial requirements. While perhaps not the most important feature, the fact that you’ll be able to set your gym up wherever you’d like is certainly an added bonus.

02. It’s Very Adjustable

adjustable padelsWhile the majority of stationary bikes are always adjustable to some degree, many of them never seem to have a position that’s “just right.” While an adjustable, sliding seat is certainly a start, it doesn’t account for the many joints we use when cycling. The Schwinn IC2 comes with adjustable pedals, something unseen in many products of its type, making it suitable for everyone looking to get fit, not just those with the right dimensions. Whether you’ll be the only one using this or whether the whole family is going to take turns, everyone’s body type will surely be compatible with this bike.

03. It has an Infinite Amount of Resistance Levels

resistance levelTypically, the beginner cyclist may not need a ridiculously high resistance level on their new stationary bike. However, if you truly plan of sticking to your new workout regime, there will come a time where more resistance is needed to keep your training moving in a forward direction. Starting your new routine on this bike will ensure you don’t need to replace your bike in a few months once it no longer meets your fitness requirements. If you plan on making progress and meeting goals in the future, this is the stationary bike for you.

04. It’s Durable

steel frameGoing well in contrast with the above, the Schwinn IC2 has a low occurrence of breakdowns of any sort. No matter who you are, this should be a virtue in any product. Its durability comes from its stable, steel frame. With this increased durability and its usefulness among beginners and professionals alike, the odds of having to replace it any time soon are minimal. From an economical standpoint, the Schwinn IC2 is great in this regard.

05. The Display is Easy to Use

displayThe computerized display on the Schwinn IC2 does everything you need in a display; no more, no less. While a wide variety of features in a stationary bike’s display can be nice, an abundance of numbers across the screen and 20 different workouts programmed in can make things more complicated than they need to be, stalling your workout and just making things difficult for new users. If you just want to start your workout while monitoring calories burned, speed and all of the other essentials without any added inconveniences, this is the bike for you.

06. It’s Similar to a Real Bike

similar real bikeThis is what really sets this machine apart from other exercise products of a similar variety. While this stationary bike may not be an outright replacement for a traditional bicycle, it’s the closest you’ll get to a bike ride without ever having to leave your house. Its similarity majorly stems from its ability to mimic the momentum one would experience on a regular bicycle. Its similar structural design also helps seal the deal.

07. It Has a Fan

While the same could be said of many bikes of its type, it’s still worth noting the Schwinn IC2 has its own built-in fan. Despite the bike’s below-average size, the fan is powerful and works wonders, keeping you going during the most intense of workouts. While exercise isn’t always easy, there’s no reason you should have to clean up more sweat than you need to after your workout. A nice fan makes all the difference in aerobic exercise.

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  •  It does a great job of mimicking a real bicycle ride.
  •  Exercise can be more comfortable with the Schwinn IC2’s fan and adjustable design.
  •  Its wheels and small, lightweight design mean you won’t be limited to only working out in large rooms.
  • An easy-to-use display tells you everything you need to know while keeping workouts simple.
  •  With infinite levels of resistance and a durable build, this bike will last you a long time.
  •  Some dissatisfied customers have taken up issue with the bike’s less-than-protective packaging.
  •  Some other bikes may have more supportive, cushioned seats.


Q: What happens if I get a defective unit?

A: If your new bike comes broken in any way, Schwinn will do everything they can to fix the issue. Calling their customer service generally resolves any major complaints.

Q: Can shoes be clipped into the pedals?

A: On its own, no. Customers can be a separate clip attachment, however.

Q: What is the Schwinn IC2’s maximum weight limit?

A: It is recommended the bike is only used by those who do not exceed 250 pounds.

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Final Verdict

If you find many other stationary bikes offer a giant list of features without really giving you what you need, the Schwinn IC2 exercise bike may very well be for you. While it doesn’t focus on any advanced computerized features, what it does do, it does right. Its adjustable design allows people of all shapes and sizes to get a good workout in any day of the week. Its relatively powerful fan and its ability to mimic the momentum built on a typical bicycle makes it an excellent alternative to going out for a bike ride. If you find yourself trapped in cold, icy weather several months a year, or would simply rather stay indoors, this is the stationary bike for you. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, it’s versatile and it offers customers a great value, a great price and a great workout.


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