Marcy Upright Mag Bike Review

Are you looking for exercise equipment? Why not start by perusing the Marcy Upright Mag Bike review? Maybe you desire to shed off a few extra kilos of weight, or you want to improve your stamina. Perhaps you simply want to improve your cardiovascular system, or are looking to spend a small amount of money on an exercise bike. Like any other person, you want to have the best experience –minimal aches, least pain, but quick results. Well, you should take some time and go through this review to see how well this exercise cycle meets your desires or needs.

The Marcy Upright Mag Bike or Mag Cycle ME-708 is designed for people who want to improve their cardio health, boost their stamina, or lose weight. It is classified as a medium size exercise bike that is appropriate for both beginners as well as advanced users. Based on similar mechanism and design as that found in an ordinary bike, a user will experience the same effect as if cycling a bike in the outdoors.

Who Is This Product Aimed At?

The indoor workout bike targets people looking for small exercise equipment, on a tight budget, low-impact aerobics, weight loss, and improving cardio health. [highlight] These individuals will find the Upright Mag Cycle effective courtesy of the following features: [/highlight]

01. Upright Design for Authentic Cycling Experience

Marcy UprightFeaturing a design similar to an ordinary bike, the Marcy Mag Cycle ME-708 gives a user the same feel as if riding a normal bike. It comes with 2 x 2 inch steel tubing, measures 31.5 x 48.75×18 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 43pounds.

By incorporating handlebars and seat in the same zone as a normal bike, it’s quite easy to adapt and get used to the bike especially for people who enjoy outdoor cycling.

02. 8 Preset Resistance Levels for Improved Functionality

tension controlThe Marcy Upright Mag cycle comes with 8 levels of resistance preset at the factory. This gives a cyclist the option of selecting the most appropriate resistance depending on experience, target, as well as mood.

Increasing resistance ups the intensity and energy requirement while lowering the resistance may be used for endurance. Changing the resistance is as easy as turning a knob.

03.  Innovative Magnetic Resistance for Higher Performance

Together with the 8 preset resistance levels, the groundbreaking magnetic resistance system improves the performance of the bike. Unlike other systems, magnetic resistance is known to be highly accurate, quiet, smooth and versatile. And courtesy of the innovative mechanism, this bike though smaller than most bikes offers similar if not better output than bigger bikes.

04. Durable Strong Powder Coated Steel Frame

steel frameTo guarantee a user of good service for a long time, the Marcy upright mag bike is made from strong steel frame. It can withstand constant and continuous use as well as a range of weights.

For added protection and long life, the MAG cycle frame is coated with powder finish which also enhances the bike’s elegance.

05. Compact and Lightweight

user upright 1Coming with a height of 48.75inces, width of 31.5inches, and depth of 18 inches, the Marcy upright mag bike is among the most compact bikes in its category as well as market. It is also light and weighs 43 pounds.

Due to its small, compact and light nature, the workout bike can be used in small homes, apartments, and dorm rooms. Carrying or moving it is also easy considering it also features transport wheels.

06. User-friendly LCD Display for Easy Reading

trackerA user doesn’t need to exercise blindly. All you need is simply glancing at the big easy-to-read LCD display. The monitor provides useful data such as calories burned, distance travelled, workout period, and speed. Not only does it help you gauge your performance, but the data from the LCD screen allows you to set targets.

07. Thick Textured Handlebar Offers Good Grip

handle barTo ensure the user maintains good grip throughout, the Marcy Upright ME-708 comes with thick textured and contoured grip. Apart from good grip, the handlebars minimize the likelihood of developing soreness, blisters, or numbness particularly after a long and strenuous workout. The handlebars also handle sweaty hands quite well. Together with the weighted counterbalanced pedals, the Mag cycle offers good stability.

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  •  Strong and durable
  •  Smooth & Quiet
  •  Stable and comfortable
  •  Easy to use & good ergonomics
  •  Quick & easy to assemble
  • Compact & light
  • Hard seat
  • LCD screen too small
  • Takes time to adjust to the feel of the seat
  •  Tricky to assemble the tension cable

FAQs on Marcy upright mag bike

Q: Am 6 ft 5 inches, can I use the bike?
A: Yes, the Mag cycle has an adjustable seat and is suitable for short to very tall people.
Q: What is the maximum carrying capacity?
A: The user manual indicates that it is 300lbs.

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Final Verdict

The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle scores well in terms of user-friendliness, construction, compactness, and cost. It’s also silent, offers smooth operation, and can easily accommodate people of varied weights and heights. Courtesy of the steel frame coated with powder finish and 2 years warranty, users are assured on quality and reliability.

However, though it comes with 8 levels of resistance, experienced cyclists still find the highest resistance not very challenging. Also, the LCD screen is a bit small meaning users strain their eyes. Taking all aspects mentioned in the above Marcy upright mag bike review into consideration, this product is worth investing in.



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